Dec 16 2011

Like You Did Before.

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You said you loved me
but you forget to hug me
to kiss me
before i go to bed
too disgusted
of what you bred

but what did you expect
you let me walk
the line of death
i played with fire
too far gone to
even notice.

Is this what you wanted?
When you watched her slip away
to sit there and smile
you laughed at my pain.

You look at my scars
but just brush it aside
you don’t give a shit
you watched me run and hide

hide from his hands
sliding up
i hid away, felt so dirty
why wasn’t i good enough?

What did i do?
for you to ignore
my cries for help
his eyes, i endured.

What more do you want
that he hasn’t touched
i hid in my wardrobe
then caused my cuts

i felt so dirty
and so alone
i didn’t think for a second
that you would know.

But you did
you just ignored
the lies i told
my pain wasn’t made
for you to endure.

Now i’ve stopped
causing cuts
starving myself
thought i could be loved

Not anymore
now i’m full of hope
i’ve not niave
or vurnerable
like i was before.

I see through your games
you tactics of war
you can’t make me fall

like you did before.

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