Aug 26 2009

Lines of Your Love

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Lines of Your Love

Thoughts of you in my mind again,
Bringing me back to this paper and pen,
To express myself the only way that I know,
The only place locked away where I truly let go.

That place where I can truly hide,
Where my lines hit paper and inspire my pride,
And boost me up to feed my soul,
When my heart gets outta control.

And It hasn’t always been this way,
With love inspiring the words that I say,
In lines of beauty from a timeless rift,
Now offering my paper this precious gift.

So I say to you whether you like it or not,
Love is my weakness, it decays my thoughts,
I fight it off far from all to see,
But there’s no way of fighting your level of beauty.

And there’s no way of keeping these feelings inside,
There’s no way in hell I could possibly hide,
From the impact you’ve made on my thoughts and my heart,
Now begging me deeply for a brand new start.

And a chance at happiness in a life made cold,
By two individuals whose hearts got old,
Now faced with a once in a lifetime chance,
To walk the walk and dance the dance.


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  1. cally budon 12 Aug 2010 at 2:14 am

    even in my wheelchair i’ll be there

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