Aug 27 2012


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Coughing and wheezing
She started to cry
She grabes me and holds me close
I look in her eyes

She tells me a secret
I promised to keep
It was the last thing she told me
Before entering her everlasting sleep

I promised not to tell
All the things she said
I can see her shivering
It flashes in my head

She was pale and sickly
Her words flowed deep
Death over came her
Her final defeat

She told me to move forward
Then whispered in my ear
To tell me the cause of her death
To tell why it was near

“I can’t take it any longer
The torment they give
The things that they do
They don’t want me to live…”

“Who are they” I ask
“Tell me what they did.”

“They follow me around
Tell me evils to bid
To hurt and to curse
And to take away their souls
To argue and bicker
So their faith fades away
To devour them whole.”

“What do you mean”
As we both talk softly
She coughs up blood
And her color lightens slightly

“They want you.”
She says
“They want to take your soul,
You and your family and mankind as a whole.
He’ll trick you and he’ll play you and make it seem so sweet
Then devour you as a lion and make you his treat.”

She tries to speak more
But her voice dies away
She closes her eyes
As I silently pray.

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