Oct 06 2011

Long Gone Missing

Published by at 3:23 am under Heartbreak Poems

Your love is long gone and slowly forgotten
Your mouth is like blade when we fight
All you wanna do is argue and it’s pushing me away
Love is nothing but a word you throw away
I should go out and have fun and get caught up

I hate you right now because yours just a standerd
Maybe I shouldn’t have sacrificed everything for you
I should have listened to my friends and family
Raging hatred is in my heart and it’s towards you
Disbelief is why I regret meeting your sorry self

You should have stayed with the last one
Rip my heart out and take it with you please
I’m long gone missing from your heart and love
I’m long gone missing from the picture we took
I don’t want nothing to remind me of you

This post was submitted by Terell Stokes.

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