Aug 30 2012

Looking for an answer

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I whisper to the wind
I whisper to the trees
I wander how I sinned
To make god do this to me

I have no explanations
For why you had to leave
Yet still so many questions
And someone has the key

i shout out to the air
I shout out to the world
Someone tell me how its fair
Someone tell me what I done

I hear a little girl talking back to me
A little voice
Comes from someone I cannot see
I wander as I listen can this really be

“Mummy don’t be sad
I had only little time
Please don’t be really mad
But god had to end my life

I love you very much
And im with you everyday
One day you’ll feel my touch
But that day is far away”

I whisper to the sky
With tears boiling in my eyes
I promise not to cry
For now I can see why

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