May 19 2011

Losing you Bit by Bit

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I call you;
But you never pick up.

I go to your place;
But you’re never there.

I go by your locker;
But you’re never around.

I wait for you after school;
But you’re always with your friends.

I try to hang out with you,
But you never have the time,

If you didn’t want me then why’d you say you loved me?
If you didn’t want me around;
Them why’d you say you’d always be by my side?

I’m growing sick of all the lies.
I can’t stand it anymore.

Can’t you see that I love you?
Can’t you see that it hurts not being around you?

It’s all your fault; if it wasn’t for you…
I wouldn’t have ever felt this way;
I wouldn’t have ever felt the love we once had.
And I wouldn’t have felt the pain of losing you bit by bit

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