Feb 28 2012


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When daylight dawns and the birds sing, I wake again to a brand new day. I feel so lost of what happened the day before, was ever really there. The day goes by and so do I, but floating through is all I seem to do. I feel so alone like nobody is home, I feel so trapped like a mouse in a trap. I try and try to remember who I was before, I don’t even know her or who she became. I know that to feel an ounce of normal, that would really be grand; but what is that I don’t even feel the laughter of being a human being. Lost and trapped and for so long now to breath is becoming more and more now of a pain. A pain so deep that only dreaming is more apart of me then what ever should be. Misery consumes me, torture is apart of me that lives so deep inside. A man walked on the beach with 2 sets of footprints and when the troubles of his life were sso unbareably mean there was one set only for him to see. When asked why a reply it was when in your darkest days my son it was me who carried you through them, the man thought he was alone and he never was. I try to ask myself that and to my reply ???? I only hear my pain calling out for help to let me DIE. I feel so lost, and utterly alone I have jsut a bit of hope and courage to give. That is one last try for me, standing up after that if I fall again on my knees; well there will not be enough left for me. I wasted alot of time alot of joy sacrificed by my own hand, yes it was me that did this. I can blame noone for there is nobody left but only me. I have had love and threw it away, I have had chances and barried them, I have had a child and left in fear, I had another and did the same thing. Two more were to come and yet the same thing; yet really different also and not the same way. I lost my mother young to her own pain, she too LOST her way and ended with tradegy. I now feel their pain and mine as well, A promise I made to never let them feel that. I became a lie and lived it at that, not stopping to undo what I said I did not want. LOST is who I am, and time still ticking ONE last shot. I am gong to give my last courage a shot with hope in one hand and footprints left in the sand.

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  1. Meghan222on 28 Feb 2012 at 9:36 pm

    A little confusing but I liked it

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  9. Starfirebluestoneon 13 Jul 2012 at 8:48 am

    beautiful words, i may be much younger but the first half especially resonated and connected with me
    thank you for sharing a part of yourself to talk to others

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