Oct 15 2011

Lost n Found

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I found it!
What have I found??
I have found many things on this day,
But most importantly I have found one thing that will make my love will stay

After all the arguing
After all the pain
After my tears were shed
After beating his game

I think that I have found the one true key to his heart
The one true thing to any mans heart
Will I say what it is…Of course not!!
But I know what to do when the fear or rage arises on the spot

I feel kind of bad, keeping this secret from you,
Because the number of people who will read this, Ofcourse,
Can be rounded off to two.

But sadly I can not reveal,
How I have gotten from his heart the seal
That;s kept him from loving me
To the fullest that he possible can

Now I will tell you part of the secret
The on thing that I can share

That’ts part of it, but theres something you have to do
Give all the love stored up in your heart
And I garuantee that he’ll love you:)

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