May 17 2011

Love from a distance

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Deep from my heart
I cry but you don’t hear
Cause you don’t care
For I’m nothing to you
But just an ordinary girl
Wish I could explain!
Feelings in my heart for you
Those are only for you
But I’m speechless
Every time I try to tell you
I guess now I have lost you
But my head says
“You can’t loose things you never had”
It may be true and may be right
But my heart repeats over and over
“You have lost the love you never had”
When I look back my life
Can’t help and my eyes fill with tears?
When I think of my tomorrow
I see nothing but darkness
Every candle I lighted up
With a hope in my heart for you
Died within seconds
Leaving me in tears
Yet deep in my heart
You’re sacred and honored
Though you left my love aside
I will love you from a distance
I have lost you even though
I never had you
But I will always love you
Love you from a distance

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