Aug 20 2010

Love, honestly

Published by at 3:55 pm under Heartbreak Poems

We all carry these feelings inside
Hid away so no one else can see
You’re suffocating, so insecure
This disease is getting worse
Yes, love is a disease
Maybe even a curse
Concentrate, you’ll feel it everywhere
It’s hard to say
That the silence isn’t so bad
Pray that it’ll save you
Your heart in your hands
Facing the mirror, it says
Do you feel alive?
Open your eyes and see
That it won’t save you
Nothing will
There’s nothing else to say
Count your blessings
And count this curse
A curse so pure, no mind can grasp
A monster, disguised as wonderful blissfulness
It sits in silence, licks it’s lips
Do you feel alive?
You do t deserve this
This love feels like a blessing
But love, honestly
Is a curse

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