May 02 2011

Love Is A Myth

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I stare at your picture and feel like crying.

Time won’t heal me, if anything only dying.

Your smile in that picture makes you look very beautiful.

I am sorry for i couldn’t be more useful.

I wonder to myself if you think of me like i do to you.

Chances are you don’t, because you found someone new.

I can’t stop thinking of you, its not an obsession.

I felt like we had a very strong connection.

Now i am here writing my reflection.

I want to forget this all never happened.

God please kill me now, take my pain away.

In this world i can no longer stay.

My life means nothing now that she’s gone.

She was the only one.

The only one i could ever be in love with,

to me love is now a myth.

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  1. Rabion 18 May 2012 at 8:36 am

    Amy and Hans: What beautiful piecruts, what a wonderful day, you both look radiant! Congratuations and many warm regards for a long and healthy life together!Catherine

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