Apr 23 2016

Love Is a Touch

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Love Is a Touch
Kimmie D.

Love is a touch, a gentle embrace
A smile, a laugh, a simple grace
Love is soft skin upon your own
Love is never being alone

Love is patient, Love is pure
Love it one thing I know for sure
Love keeps us close, my friends and I
Love never ends, though we may die
Love is a tear, shed without hate
Love is a heartbeat, felt too late

Love is a feather from an angel’s wing
Love is the means by which we sing

Love is wind, Love is rain
It is truth, faith, hope and pain
Love is blind, Love has no bound
Love is silence, Love is sound

Love is you, Love is me
Love is one small word–we
Love is my blind faith in you
Love is a word best felt by two

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