Jul 08 2011

Love obligated

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Don’t go away
Don’t leave me here
Don’t leave me her to stay
Don’t act as f you don’t care

Please come around
Wanna see you faultless face
Wanna hear your perfect sound
Its been a hundred days

Come to my life
You could take my heart if you want to
What is my price?
I could sell myself for you

Don’t play with me
I know you’ve winner
So let quit please
I’d pray to you though you‘re the sinner

I’m such a fool
Though you come you aren’t gonna love me
Why did I ever fall for you?
Why can’t this just be a dream?

Is this your spell or my mind?
That’s locked me in this heart
With no key to find
Coz I wanna get the hell out

Shapeless moments of misery
I’m made of bricks of sorrow
Can no doctor fix me?
So that I can live tomorrow

Your venom filled inside me
That’s the only thing I have left of you
While you travelled afar
And love me was the only thing I had asked you to do.

This post was submitted by Trisha Runel.

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