Feb 27 2011

Love or Lust?

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Love is like sex?
Because when I make love with him;
Kissing, tonguing, touching and cuddling with him.
I feel a spark,
but i dont know what is it….

Love or lust?

Kissing him, while riding on the top of him,
has me smiling so damn hard.
He is so fine.
And his hands are on my curvy hips,
thrusting me deep into him.

Lust or Love?

He turns me around and lets me feel
all of him inside;
two beccome one.
No one can touch me like he can.
Smiling at each other,
and my heart is beating so fucking fast.

Love or Lust?

He is my drug,
but he is not mine?
We are not together as in realtionship….
and it s driving us so insane.

We’re hurting inside,
it is pain in the ass…

It’s all fuck up,
even though we know it’ll maybe
not working out….

Sex like love?

It’s not just love or lust,
because we cant really seperate love from lust.

Thats f ked up….

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One Response to “Love or Lust?”

  1. Rita Ocasioon 25 Mar 2011 at 9:49 pm

    You have put into words what I feel right now how I feel…great…thank you.

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