Jul 29 2010

Love, Pain, Sadness

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Love, Pain, Sadness
so beautiful are the stars,
as she is to me
so radiant is the sun
as she glows before me
look at how the sun sets
like her eyes paralyzing me
so soft are the petals of a rose
her cheeks blossoming with the flowers of spring
thorns of a fig tree prickling our skin
we are seperated and left to die
but our love bonds us together
so that we may live for each other
to hold, to kiss, to touch once again

right now i’m left missing her hair in my face
and those sweet and juicy lips
the kiss of an angel and the smile from the heaven above
those hazel eyes that pierce my heart with kindness and love
that amazing voice bringing music to my ears
her extavagent hands i can’t help but to kiss
and even down to her adorable toes that i have to touch and feel

this girl is so special to me
my love for her reaches out to infinity
i will love her for eternity
in this life, and past death
i will take care of her and cherish her as she deserves
no girl can compare to the beauty she holds
this girl is very special to me

absolutly gorgeous is she
i love her as she loves me
forever we will be together
for always and eternity

-to the love of my life Brittany Marie Rarick, my love and inspiration. -Anthony Worsham

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