Jul 16 2011

Love takes wing

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Love takes flight when you first look into the eyes of that special person you’ve chosen. But love takes wing, when you’ve chosen the right, special person. My love has taken no flight nor wings but merely a wait.
Yet my heart knows who she is to be. She’s out there unseen by me, and I by her. Oh, if only she were here to hear me tell her I love her. She would give me that crazy smile and concur. With her my world spins around and round.
A tornadoe twisting with energy and purpose, and we lie together in the center of it. Where all is safe, calm and peacefull. When I’m with her my love will take flight as I feel a pull. A tug, a grab, and then I’m lifted into the sky, just her and I. A beautiful complex girl and a loving and caring guy. With her I’ll be happy and whole , for her my heart is bursting and for love my soul is thirsting.
When I find her my love, I will know it to be her immediantly for my head will be spinning and my heart will be leaping and I will joyously sing.
But wait, I am jumping and crying, and I see her now. Oh how I sing! I stare into her eyes, and suddenly, our love takes wing.

—josiah goodman

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  1. ravenwingon 26 Aug 2012 at 9:28 pm

    very nice, good job

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