Sep 22 2010

Loves Illusion

Published by at 4:50 pm under Dark Love Poems

Adventure on inside my mind,
Walls enclosing.. i seem so blind.
Wrapped up tight, alone, in bed.
I slowly sigh, and hang my head.
My head is falling, falling away,
Which leads me on to yet another sad day.
But why, why am i feeling this way? today,
I say, let my troubles be wiery
And ill hang on, and let my thoughts clear me..
My mind is wrapped, wrapped in guilt,
Sealed up tight, with a bow on a tilt,
How preacious, how nice, you might say,
But dont turn round, dont delay,
That bow incasing my mind this way,
Could drag you down, with guilt, and sorrow,
Lock you down, untill tomorrow.. this mind you
Poison, with lust and confusion.. will shortly fade..
And complete it’s illusion.

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