Jan 08 2012

Lov’s Eternal Hold

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It spins, it turns, it twists and confuses. It gains, it steals, it loses. It’s uncontrollable, unfanthomable, irresistable. It’s reach knows no bounds, it kills all silently without making a sound. Can you feel it? Can you see it? wrapping itself around you, slowly constricting, your life and It constantly conflicting. Its a riddle and the riddle claims to be magic. But what comes from this can be soul tearing and tragic.

Existing it is thought, but yet with it, many hearts are left to sit and rot. I can’t stand it, I can’t take the pain anymore so I say Love is fake. I say its a scam created to steals the happiness from the world. A thought that makes one shake. What has it done but make make me feel worse then before, when I had it I thought I could soar, but now I lay in my own misery, drowning as the sadness begins to downpour.

Could this be my own fault? Should I have never stared into those eyes, those false pools of disguise. But what can one expect from beauty but surprise and to be victimized. When I see her I see the snake that lies, her words are poison her face is charming death, she is but an observant spy.

I wasn’t completely innocent before I experienced this feeling called love, but I still had happiness, Couldn’t I at least recieved a warning that one day it would all come crashing down from above!?

I was swept out into this sea of hypnotism. I followed her every move, when her heart beat my did too, I never thought that she could do this to me, If I had known sooner I would’ve withdrew.
Together me and her were inseperable.. Or so I had thought, and in so my soul was bought, and I struggled violently before drowning, quickly sinking deep into this plot.

What can I say about Love? It stings some and brings pain. Its mark on me will forever remain. It will leave a burn, and leaves our lives a boiling pot with us in it , forced to slowly churne. Love is cold, so be afraid of it, do not act carelessly , do not be bold, or else Love will grasp you tightly and never release you from its eternal hold.

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One Response to “Lov’s Eternal Hold”

  1. Starfirebluestoneon 13 Jul 2012 at 9:03 am

    what can i say except that this is one of the best poems I’ve read, i absolutely love it!
    maybe not for everybody but i went through those feelings, that state of mind, the point where you give up on love, the trust you need to bestow to ever let yourself love again.
    but never let the fear of getting hurt ever stop you from putting yourself out there, of being happy, that’s not brave and you’ll just miss out on life.

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