Sep 12 2011

Lowest of the Low

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These words.
They hurt.
They cut me me deep.
You always put them on repeat.

She just stood there
While you shouted your abuse
You threatened me
And sitting here
Right now
I cannot deny
I have been thinking
about putting this noose
to use.

I used to sit there
All alone
They always left me
not knowing
what had to be done.

She never did know
how much i loved.
I would die
to make sure she was to live.

When i was at my worst
an angel took my weight
made me better
took me under her wing.

and now,there are so many
They do not know
How much at danger they are.

I try to warn them
again and again
to stay away
fore i need to pay
the debt i owe

i’m the lowest of the low.
and they need to know.

Although it will kill me
slice me from within.

I love them
yoiu need to see
that even though i was left to sither with darkness
it cannot control me.

My last words
before i foresee
Let them be a tribute
to the love
you never owed me.

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