Jul 21 2010

Main Girl

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I feel is such shame,
shame to be called his main.
A new girl every other day,
the love i gain for him each day.

This is no contest,
you have nothing there to win.
A broken heart is what you are leaving me with,
i love you, you say..
but not enough to be just me an you.

I feel in such anger,
the rage i get when i think about this,
im throwing words together as i go on with this,
can i bare another night like this??

Three years down the road,
the mold has grown around your love towards me,
in one ear an out the other with the things i say to you.
Baby girl calm down, its my lifestyle..
tears fall every time i hear that,

you an me are going to make the world jealous,
no we are not with me you an other conversations.
I love you from different girls every day,
you don’t pay attention to me anymore,
can i bare to handle you like this?

I love you,
i need you,
an most of all i miss who you use to be.
You don’t look at me in such character anymore,
you look at me such oldness :/
Like im your past,
something that will never last.

Forever is what i said,
never is what i have in my head,
your image is nothing to me,
your lifestyle is nothing to me,
you are everything to me.

I want to close, an block out this world, from the pain in my heart.
If only you were me, an id was you..
maybe i might be free of a another day to watch yourself slip away.

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  1. pixieon 23 Oct 2010 at 5:36 pm

    This is interesting even though im not sure exactly what you’re trying to say.

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