Sep 26 2009

Matilde Urrutia I’m leaving you here

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Matilde Urrutia, I’m leaving you here

Pablo Neruda

Note: Matilde Urrutia was wife of Pablo Neruda and died in 

Matilde Urrutia, I’m leaving you here
all I had, all I didn’t have,
all I am, all I am not.
My love is a child crying,
reluctant to leave your arms,
I leave it to you forever–
you are my chosen one.

You are my chosen one,
more tempered by winds
than thin trees in the south,
a hazel in August;
for me you are as delicious
as a great bakery.
You have an earth heart
but your hands are from heaven.

You are red and spicy,
you are white and salty
like pickled onions,
you are a laughing piano
with every human note;
and music runs over me
from your eyelashes and your hair.
I wallow in your gold shadow,
I’m enchanted by your ears
as though I had seen them before
in underwater coral.
In the sea for your nails’ sake,
I took on terrifying fish . . . .

Sometime when we’ve stopped being,
stopped coming and going,
under seven blankets of dust
and the dry feet of death,
we’ll be close again, love,
curious and puzzled.
Our different feathers,
our bumbling eyes,
our feet which didn’t meet
and our printed kisses,
all will be back together,
but what good will it do us,
the closeness of a grave?
Let life not separate us:
and who cares about death?

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One Response to “Matilde Urrutia I’m leaving you here”

  1. Mozid Mahmudon 13 Dec 2014 at 10:39 am

    Mozid Mahmud

    Your unsmelled body called me to the path of earth
    None but we first started the story of building up hills
    From the inaccessible mountains in waist-pitcher
    Bringing water stranded on your child
    Yet multidimensional civilization has presented us separation
    Now we do not think of new creation
    Now we do not think of the sun & rainbows
    Only when rain comes with utter darkness
    In strong animation a memorable depression
    Continues calling us.

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