Apr 18 2011

Meaning of love i guess

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No one understands the meaning of love But when Im with you then that word makes sense Being with you I tell you is the closest thing to magic And if not its fuckin right on it 😉 fSomehow? Idk for no reason you seem to make me smile And its scares me, to think that ive never felt this way about someone before I swear, your amazing the way you are, don’t need or have to change for nobody, your incredible and anyone can see that. Sometimes I don’t think you believe in yourself, as much as I believe in you and I end up thinking about you for hours, its just the way you look so good when you smile and the sparkle in your eye, I only see when you look at me. It’s a love that I cant control and I know its no fantasy. Its some weird and intense feeling that I feel when I wrap u up n my arms I need you to understand that I think the world of you , but the world is nothing compared to you. I could describe you in 1000 wordsbut im not sure if that would be enough to keep you pleased happy In my heart I have no idea if you actually love me back? as long as im with you I don’t really care. Sometimes someone, comes into your life and raises your standards, someone who make you Laugh, That person who makes you feel like theres something about her that you cant put into words, that’s you corin Just kno , that I will always be here for you, like your always there for me
I love you…

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