Feb 26 2015

Meet him among them

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I didn’t know what would come to my life?
& I met you among the people who were as stars of heaven
As an arrangement of destiny, we recognized each other;
fell in love and tore apart again.

Like a wind, easy come & easy go
You entered my life and occupied my heart
It’s hard for me to say my heart out loud,
I has been fear that you wouldn’t understand my soul,
you would let me behind
But you didn’t
No need more words, you’ve already known it.

I’m so glad that you’ve came to my life
Given me a hope for tomorrow
Life is not as we expected
I cannot imagine that you’ve gone;
as far as the distance between two stars,
They are only toward each other,
and could never touch each other
The sun will shine and the life is still going on
If the time passes, might I meet you again?
In a place far far away from here,
I hope you will be happy with your life.

This post was submitted by Clara Do.

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