Oct 12 2011

Melt Away

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Can’t control myself, can’t think strait
What made me think that I could take
All this stress and emotion I have to bear
One more tug, nd I think I’ll tear

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”
I’ve said many times before
But If they do,
And I mean really do
Then why do I let you walk out that door

The door you used to come in my life
But with you came all the grief and strife
That you’ve ever had
That you’ve put on me
But Now I can finally see
Where I’m really supposed to be

But wait..

Now that I can see,
When do I feel?
My feelings are numb from all the bitterness nd anger that was dropped on me
I feel like I’m smushed, trapped right under your feet

“Too young!” they say
“Unexperianced; wouldn’t last a day”
“Wait, yull see” yeah, thats what I used to say
Before I thought I would see this day
When everything we had, just faded away.

Wait!! Once more, Before you walk out that door!

Before I never see you,
Before this burns, down to my core
Before I break down, on this floor
Before I melt and cease to live
Before I have any life to give…

Make me a promise, with no remorse
No guilt or shame
This promise unlike most,
Will must NOT fade away…

Promise me..
That no matter what..
You’ll always..
Love ME.

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