Jul 07 2012

Memories i will never erase.

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i don’t know what happened
i find it hard to replay
i think we fell together
but we turned out
the wrong way.

you say you’re not sure
and i accept this openly
i always knew
you would be the one
to end it with me.

because looking at it, now
that it’s all gone away
i would have never had
the guts
to be on my way

and i’m sorry
but i can’t help
but want to stay
even though all this time
I’ve been quietly
slipping away.

away from your grasp
away from your fists
away from your words
and actions
that make me
result to tears.

away from your smile
away from your embrace
away from everything
memories i fear
will erase.

in the end
it’s best, i know
won’t have to say goodbye
to two things at once
but i’m sorry in the end
that i wasn’t good enough
for you
wasn’t good enough
broken promises
i lied to you.

i know i did wrong
that, you’ll never truly
didn’t want you to hurt
you see
i would rather my own torture
than see a good person
take the blame
for my own stupidity.

i guess now
there’s nothing left to say
this is our Goodbye’s
so i’ll be on my way.

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