Aug 29 2010

Mentally Degrade

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Why did I always chase you begging to hold on always fighting for something that seemed to already be gone?
Every other week you telling me how much you hated me, how I was not the one, how you always said we were done, you would threaten to go out and find someone new, that I no longer was the girl for you. Then two days later begging to have me back, telling me I was the girl of your dreams, buying me pretty things to blind me from the facts.
You didn’t love me nor did you care, because you’re the reason my tear drops continue falling everywhere. For some reason I think he found this fun building me up, just to tare me down, but then again I allowed it to happen more then once, more then twice, I even almost became his wife.
At some point it had to stop my life had disappeared. Where were my friends they were no longer with there? My family supports me but even they could see something that took me so long to believe.
I made a distance I tried to get away, but something always puts me back no matter how hard I try, now the new reality hits there goes 18 years of my life. I am now pregnant with a man’s baby that only cares for himself, that’s selfish towards everyone else. I tell him to only hear the ignorance of his denies this baby couldn’t be his so here I sigh.
I did this to myself there were so many signs but I continued to let it go on for over a year of my life, so I can only blame myself for being young and in love, but that doesn’t change the new life there is to come.
I learned a lesson a little too late. Never allow somebody to mentally degrade, it’s never alright, it’s never okay, and the pain is something that will never go away, if I could have only been smarter to get out then maybe my life wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t live in so much doubt.
He tore me down just to build me up, my tears were his victory, breaking my heart was the trophy, but me getting myself back is all that matters in the end, my heart will learn to mend, I will move on and continue to grow this experience is just something that happened and now I know.

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2 Responses to “Mentally Degrade”

  1. matt moniakon 31 Aug 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Hey there. I know how this one goes. Its both wayz but not in this situation, If you need any guidance or some one talk to , im here.
    a lil bit about myself, im a male (16) with a daughter on the way.
    Shoot me an email [email protected]

  2. Frank Pon 24 Sep 2010 at 1:08 pm

    I am a man that did some wrong thing s to my ex wife. It took me to come to the Lord Jesus Christ before I knew what what going on in my life. I had to realize everything that I did to her and how I had to aske myself, and Christ and her anf our sons forgiveness. I hope that you exlove realize what he did to you. I am being being forgiven slowly ,but my past life is no longer there.

    I am going to pass this blog over to a friend of mine and see if you both can vent to each other if you need to. I am also trying to talk to her ex husband about the things that he did to her and see if he can see it in a different way.

    Thank you for the chance for me to open my eyes and heart a little more to a hearts reality.

    Thank you, Frank

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