Sep 16 2010

Midnight Glow

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The moonlight shines upon her face
while in her peaceful sleep
The secrets that she dreams tonight
will be her’s to keep ~
The softness of the the midnight moon
its glow illuminates
The beauty that is seen within
the soul it emanates.

Behold, the epitome of perfection
lays within this bed
She sleeps tonight and in her dreams
is the man she longs to wed ~
A rendezvous within her heart
when the hour is close at hand
As the midnight glow of the moon
leads her to her man.

Her eyes close in anticipation
a smile upon her lips
Knowing that soon she will taste
his tender loving kiss ~
And feel his arms around her
in their midnight rendezvous
Together they ignite the passion
and make all their dreams come true.

“Darling,” she cries, as she looks upon
the love upon his face
“With you is where I want to be,
within your warm embrace ~
Ignite in me the desire
and take me by my hand
Show me you will always be
the one who understands.”

“My love,” he says as he takes her hand
and brings it to his lips
“I never thought a love like yours
could ever be like this ~
I want to always be with you
and feel you next to me,
You give me more than I deserve,
with you I am complete.”

With a sleepy smile upon her lips
under the midnight glow
Of the moon that shines upon her face
is the love she’s come to know ~
The secrets and the passion,
the thoughts within her head
Lead her to the dreams they share
together in their bed.

Making love at midnight
sharing thoughts and fears,
Whispering together
sweet nothings in their ears ~
As they lay together under the stars
their bodies gently entwined
Suspended in the midnight glow
caught somewhere in time.

Waking in the early morn
from her peaceful sleep
The secrets that she dreamed tonight
she will forever keep,
Close to her heart until the day
the one who loves her so
Weds her under the starlit sky
of the moon’s midnight glow.

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3 Responses to “Midnight Glow”

  1. nanaon 07 Feb 2011 at 4:57 pm

    this is too long butits stilll sooo good i luv it nice job

  2. Midnight glow… « androxaon 29 Jul 2011 at 4:09 pm

    […] SOURCE […]

  3. Nurhasanon 15 May 2012 at 5:20 pm

    I happened to slbtume onto this blog through some Google searching and link jumping. I’m amazed with what I’ve seen. There are so many things that I can use for resources, so I’m definitely bookmarking this.I’ve often found that poetry gets overlooked in the classroom because teachers are looking more to the other genres of fiction and non-fiction to prepare for standardized testing. I usually do a bit on poetry and poetry writing in the Spring because I’ve found the students don’t really know how fun it is. We do some acting with poetry and then we learn about writing different types and students produce many examples. This resource will be great to use for any of my students, but I can see it coming in very handy with my IEP and struggling students as well. Sometimes they have a hard time getting started or finding the right words to say so using something like this with them may help jump start their imagination so that they can transfer their ideas to paper more easily.

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