May 26 2011


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Occasionally, we find someone worth the trouble
Someone who causes us to do a double
take, to see them. as they want us to
But they contort themselves, twist their identities, just like a screw

It’s a fact, I swear it, I’m human indeed
I recently rediscovered that when my heart you made bleed
Nonetheless, let’s imagine, for understanding at least
Let’s, for a moment, pretend that I am a beast
A horse seems to be the obvious pick
You led me to the water, now you expect me NOT to drink
Yet you led me for weeks, you didn’t even stop
You failed to realise, I went on cos I care a lot
I thought you would lead me to a better place
You seemed really eager, such was your pace
And I thought we’d arrived when I saw the water
But now, I only hear what I perceive to be laughter
It seems as though you led me here to make me a fool
I met you at university, you make me wish I was back at school

It’s alright though, whatever makes you smile
That is more important than having one on my dial
The fact of the matter is my care for you still looms large
Even though I’m alone at the water…actually, it was a mirage.

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