Aug 06 2011

Mission Accomplished

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You wanted me gone
You wanted me dead
Now I’m broken and more than ever alone
Mission accomplished.

I was so demented to consider you were true
I decided to think with my heart, not with my mind
And so I started to fall in love with you.

I loved you with a fire blazing and strong
Without considering, I would have followed you to the end of the world just for you
But sadly, what’s done is done.

You lied to me as if I were a kid
And, foolishly, I believed
You were everything I wanted, I even saw you in my dreams.

Now you tell me we have to part ways
There’s nothing we can do
I can’t bring you back, there’s nothing left to say.

You seem to have moved on so easy
I thought we were inseparable like we completed a perfect thing
I was stabbed to my core, inside of me deeply.

Now the world has lost it’s colors
It has lost it’s circle shape
And they cannot be brought back by any other lover.

I know you don’t want me
I have no other options,
If I’m not myself, the who would I be?

I think you still deserve to know the truth
Even though you broke me, even though I suffered beyond any adjective can describe,
I’m still in love, and I still need of you
Mission accomplished.

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