Oct 07 2010

Monica Rose

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Her beauty is remarkable,
i cant even explain it with 4 sylables
her name incripts the center,
the center of my heart
it’s all because of her i gave myself
a new start.

before she came along
My soul was like winter,
solid ice,chapped and bitter
my blood ran cold
but now my heart’s warm and bold,

she made her mark
she’s like an angel
she’s my light that guides me through the dark

back then i was lost,confused
i felt as nothing matterd
like i was just being used
like i didnt exist
like i was just around for people to be

i could never speak
only listen people never cared
it was all so smitten

but with her,with this amazing being
i feel loved
i feel important
worthy to be exact

as you read on you start to wonder
who is this person she speaks of
who is this “she”
you read on asking your self

who could be this specie
of human kind to make one feel she
is untouchable and so alive

well to tell you the truth
she makes me feel more then alive
more then untouchable

her name is Monica
she means more then enough
her name is Monica Rose Deason,
she makes me feel weak at the same time

but in all reality she is the only thing
that can make me feel
dead or alive
Monica is her name and she’s

the one that saved my

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