Jun 02 2011


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Move along, my darling
You’ll find another me
Blonde hair is all too common
And more green eyes you’ll see.

We were just a romance
We were just a pretty moon;
Lovely for the evening,
But fleeting all too soon.

I know that there are other girls
Who will be kind to you
Ones that you will truly love
And who will truly love you, too.

Please don’t think me Estella
I never set out to break your heart
But we’re both beginning journeys
And it’s healthier we’re apart.

Don’t build me up to what I’m not,
I know that’s not your way.
So spare me your pedestal, it’s not sincere
And certainly won’t make me stay.

I must ask you to release me
You knew this moonlight had to die
Know that I’ll never forget you
Get well, be happy, goodbye.

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One Response to “Moonbeams”

  1. pixieon 02 Jun 2011 at 2:21 pm

    i absolutely adore the last line
    spectacular work
    keep it up

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