Nov 15 2011

Moonlit Night <3

When im with you
I seem to forget
About time, About life.
I forget all my troubles,
I dont see anything,
But you.
It’s like were in our own world,
Just for us.
Everything we like is here,
Everything we hate is in hell.
Time almost stops when im with you,
Or even see you.
Everyday i take crap,
Everyday i take hate,
You know why?
Cause its worth it when i see you,
Even when you just say hi.
A perfect day with you isnt even a day,
But a night.
A Full moon,
With the stars,
Beside a river.
The night is so peaceful,
Episily with you.
Just me and you together under this
MoonLit Night.

This post was submitted by LittleGreenMonsterInYourLungs.

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One Response to “Moonlit Night <3”

  1. zonion 19 Sep 2012 at 7:39 am

    a very nyc piece it took me bad in times when i was wd my mom……too gd 🙂

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