Aug 07 2013

Moving on

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Time flies
The seasons change
The significant other you thought you couldn’t live without is now gone
You can reminisce but it doesn’t really hurt anymore
You can wonder what happened to you two
But it doesn’t bother you as much anymore
When you first moved on you were hurt and now the hurts a distant memory
Back when you couldn’t imagine his face without crying
Now you have the audacity to wonder why you ever liked him in the first place
It’s the paradox that stands the test of time
You changed
He changed
You grew and with each passing moment your memories moved further and further into the past
He wasn’t just that boy who broke your heart
He wasn’t mortal enemy number one
He wasn’t everything you wanted and nothing you could ever have
He was just that guy you liked
It’s something about the realization
That what you want at one time
May not be exactly what you get or even need
And at that moment you can’t possibly comprehend why this person isn’t right for you
But after a few days pas
Then weeks
Then months
And then years
And you can finally look back upon those days and give a small smile of reverie
For that naive little girl
Who gave the wrong boy her world
Everything she had
With hopes that he’d embrace her
Low and behold in the end she was crushed
She found out the hard way that this world was rough
Because for some reason she thought her love would be enough
But now she’s a little older and just a little wiser
Standing before you
Hardened by the world yet softened by the innocence of a little girl seduced by the idea of her first love

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