Apr 08 2011

My angel sent from above…

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The gentle breeze rustled my hair; the day was as beautiful as a mare. The sun shone against the blue sky; to not watch it, meant to die. It passed on to a pleasant afternoon; the day would come to wrap, soon. But still the sun was brightly shining; my heart was silently whining. The love of my life, the one in my dreams; was nowhere to be found or so it seemed. The breeze told me the time was near; and that he would soon be here. The time came for the sun to set; my wish, it seemed, I’d never get. I was about to turn my back to it; rather than wait a little bit. Then came the silent breeze, strong but silent; it was not in the least violent. I was blown your way by love; you are my angel sent from above!

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