May 30 2015

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I discovered myself just yesterday
May I on a Wednesday?
The 27th.

I had read my mother’s baby book
The one with the bunnies. Look,
all the things that I was
once, but forgot.

I rediscovered how hard I love
It’s ridiculous how deep my passion is,
for people.

They took and take this as weakness
they took and take me for granted
But I still love them,
I can’t help it,
I love to help them.

But no matter what
people fear what I’ve got.
they fear to feel it,
or they say they don’t know it.

Its so hard to be in true love,
with everyone
but no one loves you back
the same, the same.

But everyday I would die
just to protect mankind
and even though they call me an angel
even thought they say its hard to believe I exist
my people continue to be selfish

I am so happy
But I cry myself to sleep for their struggle
Last night I cried for myself
For the first time.

I discovered myself just yesterday
May I on a Wednesday?
The 27th
I am an angel, I suffer alone.
I am beautiful, I have no home.
I would love all but it hurt to find
There is no one of my kind
I died, committed internal suicide
I was revived by my people
It was a blind side
I had been dead so long
I forgot who I was
A death that lasted 11 years
I was discovered by a boy who needed me
So he tried to teach me how a human works
I mimicked the mannerisms
He fell in love.

So afraid of the pain of losing me
Tried to end things soon but
Was dying without me.
So begged for me back

But the heartbreak jogged my memory
The amnesia clearing,
I spread my wings.
They were clipped.

I am an angle trapped to serve man
No love like mine
No companions which to confide
But all can drink their fill
Of my love fountain’s swill.a

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