Jan 20 2011

My dream come true

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What if this world was all just a dream, and there was never any you or me.
What if this life ended when we awoke, our memories slipping away like sand hit by waves.
Would you still be the person you are now, when you awoke?
Or would you be someone different, not yourself?
If you could choose between this world and reality, would you sacrifice all that you are for the truth?
And if, in reality, we never had met would you choose to live in a world without me?
The decision, for me, is quite simple.
I’d stay right here in this world that’s a lie, because I don’t want a world where you’re not by my side.
I’m happy living in this world with you because, baby, you are my dream come true.

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  1. hannah bananaon 21 Jan 2011 at 4:13 am

    tht was really good:D ^_^ 🙂

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