Oct 25 2011

My father up above

Published by at 2:31 pm under Forever Love Poems

i tried to forget but your face is on my mind, wanting a man that could never be mine.lonely days pass without you by my side though the feelings i have for you i never can hide. as i try to forget i remember you more as if my love for you has no opend doors. these trials of my life are another symbol of love from the man i love most the man up above. all man of my life leave and disapper ,i awaken with deep heartbroken fear, not knowing my man has been here all along ,and his love is to deep real and strong. my father my brother my uncle my DAD ,my lover my keeper who would never make me sad. my father up above whose with me forever ,though his not with me he leaves me never. to him i pray my hurtings my heart ,of my entire life hes the biggest part. he’ll leave me never and always know what i do ,my whole life i’ll never regret loving you

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