Jul 05 2011

My First Heartbreak.

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I always knew you
As just another boy
And then when you looked at me
It started to bring joy

It was passionate and deep
What I felt for you
I was always with you
Mental glue

You kissed and held me
And it felt so right
I just wanted more
For you to hold me more tight

The feelings I felt
Recently born
Where one day hurt
Ripped and torn

I saw your messages
To a girl that wasn’t me
And what you really felt
I started to see

So it wasn’t me you wanted
I thought I could deal
But the cracks in my mask
Started to peel

Then one day it all came rushing
Everything to my head
It was then that my sanity
Dropped down dead.

No one else knew
Officially it never started
My through the middle
My heart has now parted.

I will always love you
No matter how old I get
Because love is permanent
And not ‘to let’.

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