Nov 23 2010

Into The World My Heart Followed You

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Into the world my heart followed you
With calm precious waters
That flow from a stream
As the wind picks up and dances in the sky
The sun has set, the moon has risen
The stars align
The world at peace

The flowers start to bloom when winter transforms to spring
And the birds sing a hymn
A beautiful melody

The morning has sprung
The sky an electric blue
A tiny whisk of the ocean’s water climbed up my nose
As I tried to inhale slowly
So that I could bare it

The soggy sand
My feet sink in
Seashells at my side
He takes my hand
Holds me close
Kisses my sweet, tender, but fragile lips

So great and glorious the place he is now
The walls of the city are decorated in precious jewls
The streets pure gold transparent as glass
Robes of rightousness
The place where all angels live
Eye hath not seen nor ear heard
But love has conquered in a trail of broken hearts

Desire for lust
Desire for joy
Desire for hope
Desire of love
Desire for you

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