Mar 24 2013


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Eyes so bright
Full of life lurve
They sparkle when in love
Emote those very eyes
Twinkling like ’em stars in the skies
My lover’s eyes
I look deep into them
And see dreams,wishes…..
Eyes so bright
I wanna look at them when you
Say I Love you so…
Or how they sparkle when
We walking down town
Everyone stops and stares at us
They be like ‘I wanna a guy like that’
And i say to myself ‘He’s all mine.’
In turn you hold me n smile
and those very eyes
Eyes so deep so bright

My lover’s eyes
You should see them in the morning shine
Better when behind the doors
Curtains drawn hands locked on the sides
Behind the cosy rosy scenes…
How about in the candle lights
On our usual 10pm dates
Making up for lost moments
In my lovers arms
Dining with wine drowning the dusk
And i say to me’He’s all mine’
Its parky who cares
My lover’s eyes so tender so warm
From his stare i don want to stray
Take me behind the scenes
I wanna see those emote eyes
Bond with mine
Eyes so bright

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