Jun 10 2017

My Past

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I never wore skirts, or dresses, or gowns
Instead I wore trousers and let my dreams drown
I never took lessons in language or art
I did what they wanted and broke my own heart

I never made choices (they’ve never been mine)
I tumble and tumble, like a corpse down an incline
I never learned music – piano, guitar
I really tried hard not to show I was scarred.

I never stood up for myself or my needs
I grew to be someone who nods and concedes
I believed what they told me, no matter how cruel
I hated my body and hated my school

I never stopped eating, I only grew fat
The nights all grew longer – and lonely, at that
Round, large and ugly – never pretty, or cute
Trying hard every day to avoid a dispute.

I wasn’t that worried – not then, anyway
But the things I didn’t do hinder me today
Now I am not special, I am just full of shit
And sad due to things I just never did.

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One Response to “My Past”

  1. Dennison 05 Oct 2017 at 8:44 am

    This one hit me pretty hard with the feels.
    It’s exceptionally well written as always and an amazing piece of artistic expression.
    I love it.

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