Aug 10 2010

My resginment

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Hear the clock tick away time
time i wasted trying to find something real to keep and to hold.
A long cave of emptiness, heartache and letdowns is what i own
A hundred roses given and only received thorns
took a thousand hits and a million blows
I’m decaying and i cant no more

i look up at the sky
i remember all my pointless cries
the tears sting like pouring salt into an open wound

my hands and knees scraped from all the pleading and begging to stay
now my hearts locked in a safe
the combination thrown away
hear me scream what remains of me to say
ill take my million sorry’s and ill give you an endless “i dont give a f**ks”

This post was submitted by Evelyn.

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  1. pixieon 22 Oct 2010 at 2:25 pm

    You go, girl!

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