Apr 24 2016

My restless nights

Published by at 4:42 am under Heartbreak Poems

My restless nights are filled with your thoughts.
The starlit sky appears to be mournful.
The silence of the murky night perhaps grieves with me. In the midst of this ocean of life, night seems to me like my only support. The only companion in the dark, when everyone is sound asleep. My only comrade, who does empathize with me.
I am hurled and chucked in the past. I am imprisoned in those
memories of unforgettable love.
I gape at the moon desperately and I am carried away in my wild thoughts. Your countenance hypnotizes me. Your cavernous eyes make me spellbound.
Soon I realize that I was in a reverie of fantasy.
Still your profound thoughts linger me.
Your memories and sweet contemplations take the form of verses.

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