May 08 2011

My Sweet Bliss

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I sit here alone.
Music is blaring,
Thoughts deafining.
I’t won’t go away,
It won’t leave me in peace.
It’s hungry,
For all thats left of me.
My heart, it has already taken.
My body, it owns.
My soul is the only part i have left.
But ahh, did you catch that?
I said part!
I said so because i only have a small piece of my soul left.
I have nothing but that one piece.
Once it goes,
So do i.
Im starting to think it would be easier to just give up,
To give in to this beast taking over me.
Im starting to just not care anymore,
My only other escape that i wish for so dearly,
I am to scared to commit.
HAve yuh gussed it ? Do you know?
Well i guesll ill tell you.
In it’s ever silent relam,
It’s relaxing calm,
It is the sweet bliss i so i pray for.
Yet, cannot grab onto…

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