Mar 23 2011

Never Enough

Published by at 9:34 pm under Love Poems for Him

Never enough, it’s never enough.
Your love, it’s never enough.
More! More!
I give you all, but for none.
Love, your love, is all I ask.
What is it I’m not doing,
Not giving,
Not sharing?
Do you need more?
Take it, take it all, take everything.
Nothing matters if I can’t have your love.
Stored behind a lock,
Threw away the key,
‘You’re never getting in,’ you say,
But love always finds a way.
I should be sad, I know,
But the image before my eyes
Is of you;
And how could that not make me happy?
I love you, I do.
Just a little in return, that’s all I ask.
It’s never enough, but these days,
Even a little would suffice.

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