Jul 20 2012

Never Should Have Kissed Me

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Never Should Have Kissed Me

How do you tell someone, you don’t return their affection?
At least, not in the same way
You never said you loved them, yet never said you didn’t
Afraid of pushing them away
You just wanted to get to know them and see how they made you feel
They offered their hand, didn’t know how to politely decline
So you held it for a while, feeling no excitement or tingling
You tried to get to know them better, yet couldn’t think of anything to say
For the conversation was awkward and still.

And then they took it too far
You weren’t ready for it, or what it meant
You just wanted to get to know them, just like you’d told them
They waved goodbye as you were shaking, as anxiety and stress were over taking
Your body, your mind and your heart
You told them you couldn’t get frightened but they scared you
You told them the day was nothing but friendly, but they pushed you
Because of what they’ve done, they’ve shot and missed you
And it’s all because of when, they never should have kissed you.

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