Apr 16 2014

Never to dictate.

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Just grab me–
Tell me that you love me,
Tell me that you need me,
Don’t try to be above me,

Tell me that it’s me you love,
Not all the things I do,
Don’t ask about my money,
Just know that I’m for you,

And when the times get hard,
And life comes crashing down,
Hold onto that smile,
Never show that frown,

And hold onto me closely,
Whisper in my ear,
Tell me that you love me,
Don’t ruin us with fear,

But most of all,
All I ask is this,
Don’t taint my life with bitter times,
Keep me away from this pen and pad,
But always support my rhymes,

And all the things I do,
Understand the man I am,
Care for me as I care for you,
Know that I’ll do all that I can,

To keep the bills at bay,
To live the life we create,
To listen to the things you say,
Never to dictate.

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One Response to “Never to dictate.”

  1. pixieon 18 Apr 2014 at 4:51 pm

    “Care for me as I care for you,”
    Brilliant line, especially in that stanza.
    Also quite liked the ending – Love your recent use of bold to emphasize things.

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