May 05 2011

Night and Day

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Night settles in,
The black abyss penetrating my every thought.
Waves of loneliness and desolation rack my mind.
I’m left helpless in the sea of despair that threatens to overtake me.
I feel the hopelessness rising,
Taste the misery in my mouth.
The darkness envelopes me, choking out my fragile light.
But as the waves threaten to consume me I see dawns pale light.
The darkened depths of night give way to glimmering sunlight.
My striking golden sun that sparkles just for me.
He fills my day with glorious light; calms the turbulent sea.
As blue skies fade to purple and night replaces day I beg him not to leave,
Plead with him to stay.
He places bright stars in my sky to keep the darkness at bay,
Then my lovely golden sun becomes the gentle moon.
No longer lost in blackness, I sleep serenely beneath his gaze
Knowing now and forever my shining love will stay.

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