Apr 15 2012

Night Sky

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Dark takes the day
and so we stare at Night
stars come out
and make this dark veil bright.

Each sharing
one divisional thought
when will we be free
to leave this rotting
and diseased earth?

But as we open our eye’s
to find Darkness
being taken by Light
we realize we’re still here
that we’re still alive.

We try so hard
guided by the stars
thinking of many ways to go.
But only if you were to
Die tonight
would we loose our

If you are scripted
to be off and free when Darkness
shall fall
then let it be, at natures hand
not a self inflicted
and wrong.

Let your soul be blessed
on the many lights
in this stretched out sky.
Let Light come from Dark
and Life come from Death
let us be cured
of our lonesome emptiness.
we experience down here
on this dying planet.

So GoodBye
my Night Sky
my Sun.
Although i’ll miss you
i shan’t give up.

In and out
the days and nights
they pass.
One more breath
one more tear
under this magnficent
sorrowful Moon.

The only thoought
that brings comfort to mind
is knowing
that I,too.
will Perish soon.

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