Nov 15 2011

No Hope

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lights are dim, my mind is mixed. My emotions uncontrollable, Im about to take a swim, into this sea of complication a place of permanent vacation, a room locked up filled with all of my implications. All circuling me, why does it have to be me, I know this is my mind, I know This is my head.. but what is there left for me, disappear or play dead?

I’m tired of all this acting, smile and play nice. But pretty soon I’m gonna explode another disaster like the titanic except a bigger piece of ice. My life is a game and I’m just a pawn. Pretty soon I’m gonna lose, and then I’ll be gone.

All it takes is a gust of wind, just another small sin, and then Ill be down, unable to get back up, forever pinned. I’m fighting a hopeless battle, a lost cause, loss is near so death is beginning to open it’s mouth and swallow me whole, tightning it’s jaws.

I’m getting ready to fall, all theres left for me is emptiness, and no’one to stop me, no’one to stall. My lights are blinking just about to go out.. I’m closing my eyes clutching myself tightly my face set in a sad pout. But then a flicker, of light, maybe I don’t have to go down this road, I’m starting to really see, life is a amazing sight, and its worth putting up a fight.

I step back, suddenly afraid of death,slowly,I walk away from the rope but then my foot slips, I fall back, and my breathing tightens and I fade away as I lose all hope.

This post was submitted by Josiah Goodman.

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  1. Locon 18 May 2012 at 10:58 am

    Perhaps because I’m Jewish and speak Hebrew, Gabriel sektris my ear as distinctly Biblical. (Its literal meaning, in Hebrew, is God’s hero. ) Another Old Testament name (e.g., Isaac, Elijah, Benjamin) would certainly be consonant; if the family is not Jewish, I agree that names from the early Christian era, such as Theodore and Timothy, would be good choices. Also consider Daniel, Alexander, Samuel. If the family is European, names such as Marco or Pablo might work.I’d caution against Caleb in this case, although I like the name. Sonically it’s too close to Gabriel (Gabe and Cabe), and I know how easy it is to get kids’ names confused (especially when you’re yelling at them to come in for dinner)!A personal anecdote: my brother and our first cousin, who grew up not far from us, share a first name, and it never was a problem. The cousin preferred to use a double-barreled name (his one-syllable middle name in addition to his first name), and eventually dropped his first name altogether in favor of the middle name. Moral: make sure your kids have some latitude with their names!

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